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Rallylegend Collection

Take advantage of the SPECIAL PRICE on Rallylegend jackets. A collection of technical garments made by SPARCO exclusively for RALLYLEGEND

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The Winners of Rallylegend 2023

in a Porsche 911 RS, a Subaru Impreza group A and a Citroen C3 WRC Plus won the three categories Historic, Classic and WRC respectively. Rallylegend seen by some great guests

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First Rankings at Rallylegend 2023

Time for the first chronometric verdicts at Rallylegend 2023, with the eagerly awaited rally, the heart of the event, which kicked off on Friday evening with the traditional night stage

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Rallylegend 2023 gets into the Heart

An overflowing crowd, an extraordinary and electrifying atmosphere, the colorful and noisy cheering of many thousands of spectators, the show and the evolutions of the drivers on the “Sprint Legend Race”

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